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Staying informed

While the responsibility lies on the cadet to stay informed about squadron events and training activities, parents should also be keeping up to date. The website calendar contains all our weekly training activities such as regular training nights and team practices, as well as any other events such as tagging or parades. When seeking more information, parents should be mindful of the Chain of Command, and address their questions to the appropriate staff member.

Keeping us informed

With all the information we give you, we also need you to give some information to us. It is important that you communicate to us any changes in your cadet’s personal or medical information, such as address changes or allergies.

Supporting your cadet’s development

It is required for a cadet to maintain a minimum 70% attendance for mandatory activities. Staff cadets are held to a higher standard and must maintain a minimum of an 80% attendance. Mandatory activities include Tuesday training nights and FTXs, and are necessary for a cadet to pass their level or be eligible for promotion to the next rank. Other activities and teams such as the band and drill team are optional, though cadets are encouraged to try out for as many as possible.

We understand that school is important to you and your cadet, and that sometimes it will have to come before cadets. That being said, participation in cadet activities can provide your cadet with many leadership and training opportunities not found in school. We encourage you to help your cadet balance between their school and cadet obligations.

Being a cadet takes hard work and effort, and your cadet may find themselves struggling at times. As a parent, it is important that you help your cadet persevere through any difficulties they may be having.

In the event your cadet cannot meet their attendance commitment for an activity, it is vital that they communicate this as soon as possible. We have a Report an Absence section on the website that facilitates this.


As a parent, one of the best ways you can support your cadet is to provide them with a means of transportation to and from cadet activities.

In addition, certain activities such as our semi-annual Tagging Fundraiser rely on parent volunteers to assist with driving cadets to/from their designated locations. Without this support the event could not be as successful as it is.


There are several ways in which you may receive information from the squadron. 741 Elgin Air Cadets runs a busy and dynamic program and it is important that you know how information will be disseminated.

Email: 741elginaircadets@gmail.com

As always, it is important to regularly check your email.

There are times when information will be sent to cadets, parents and guardians by email. It is important that we have email addresses for both cadets and parents when both are available.  If you are not receiving emails from our “gmail” address, please check your junk mail and reconfigure your settings accordingly or check with the Administration Officer to ensure your email address is recorded correctly. If you do not have an email account or access to the internet please speak to the Administration Officer so that we can find a way to accommodate you.

Cadets, parents and guardians may also communicate with the squadron through this email address. Note: Level five and above cadets will receive additional information and instructions in a separate email regarding training, instructor assignments and upcoming meetings.


741 Elgin Website

This website is continually updated with required information.  Check the Squadron Calendar regularly.

741 Elgin Air Cadet Squadron Facebook Page and Instagram Page

The Squadron Facebook page is a publicly open Facebook Page so please be cautious on posting any personal information or details.

Please note that important questions should be sent directly to the squadron phone by calling or texting 226-377-1999 or emailing  741elginaircadets@gmail.com.  Answers provided in the Facebook page may not be accurate.

Our Instagram handle is @741elginrcacs

Our staff is here to help both the cadets and their parents and guardians to understand the program and our activities.  Please do not hesitate to approach a staff member or email the Squadron at 741elginaircadets@gmail.com if you have questions.  We will always do our best to answer and address your concerns.


Air Cadet League Assessment Fee & Air Cadet League Lottery Tickets

The Ontario Provincial Committee (OPC) is the regulatory body for Air Cadet Squadrons in Ontario.

Each year the OPC levies an assessment fee of $65 per cadet. This assessment fee is returned to the OPC and does not replace fundraising dollars that remain at the squadron.  The Squadron Sponsoring Committee has decided to cover this cost. The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is requiring each cadet to purchase and sell a book of lottery tickets for $60. A member of the Parent or Sponsoring Committee will meet with you to provide your cadet with a book of lottery tickets at the end of September.


Squadrons cadets are expected to participate in the “Tagging Weekend” in the Spring (2023 TBA). Tagging is a mandatory fundraising activity for each cadet to attend and participate in. All the money raised by our cadets goes directly back to the Squadron to support cadet activities not paid for by the Canadian Armed Forces or the Air Cadet League of Canada.


Parents are asked to get involved in fundraising by volunteering for a minimum of 1 Bingo per year.

The bingos are a very good fundraising event for the Squadron.

Force Metal Fundraiser

Scrap metal, wiring, old appliances and scrap vehicles can be taken directly dropped off to Force

Metal at 71 Centennial Ave. St. Thomas, ON.  741 Elgin Air Cadet Squadron has an account with Force Metal and donations are gratefully accepted by simply telling the clerk at the office your donation is for 741 Elgin Air Cadets.


Absences from Training

Cadets are reminded to text, email or call the Squadron if they are not able to attend cadets. This includes Wednesday evenings, optional training activities (band, drill, marksmanship, gliding, tagging, community events, parades etc.).  The message must include the cadets first and last name, the date and reason for the absence.  Email:  741elginaircadets@gmail.com  


All cadets are to have a valid provincial health card on their person for all cadet activities – including regular Wednesday evening training as well as their Covid Screening App green check mark (required until further notice).

Cadets are to arrive on-time in the appropriate dress as specified on the Routine Orders or activity permission form.

Parade/training nights arrive between 6:30pm – 6:40pm.  Pick-up is at 9:00pm.

Other activities – timings will be provided in advance either on permission forms or routine orders.

It is important that cadets are picked up on-time after cadet activities. Squadron staff have other responsibilities outside of cadets that must be met.  We request that all parents attend closing parade at the end of the training nights (not available at this time. Please refer to weekly COs Update emails) to pick up their cadet and receive the important information contained in the announcements that are made.

The Squadron has already committed to several community events in the 2023-2024 training year.

Partaking in these activities is a mandatory component of the cadet training program and every cadet is expected to be involved.  The strong community relationships built by 741 Elgin cadets has brought many benefits to the Squadron over the years.  Community service hours are also taken into consideration when cadets are applying for Air Cadet League awards, scholarships and senior promotions.

Annual Ceremonial Review

The Annual Ceremonial Review is a mandatory part of the cadet program and must be attended by all cadets.  The date for this year’s ACR is Saturday June 1, 2024 so please mark this on your calendars now. More information about how to view this event will follow.

Kit List

Check the sample kit-list forms so that families can prepare for upcoming field training exercises (FTX).

These items are required for the safety of the cadet while attending weekend training. Please speak to an officer at the squadron if this creates a concern for you.  The squadron is able to arrange for critical items if necessary.

Commanding Officer’s Parades

(CO’s Parades) are held the first Wednesday of every month.  It provides the opportunity to participate in a formal parade for parents and friends, as well as deliver promotions, awards and special recognition for cadet’s achievements.

Immediately after the parade, parents and guardians are invited to join the Parents Meeting in the Officer’s Mess.  All parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in these meetings. This is your opportunity to have a voice in what happens at the Squadron. The 741 Parents Committee can be reached at  741parents@gmail.com .

Squadron staff is available to assist cadets and families to understand the program and the activities we participate in. Do not hesitate to ask a staff member or email us at  741elginaircadets@gmail.com. We will address your questions and concerns the best we can.3






40 Wilson Ave.
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40 Wilson Ave.
St. Thomas, ON
N5R 3R2